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Concurrent Backup Jobs' Running Exception

Doequer :

May 07, 2021

Hello, I'm wondering if is there a way of overriding the default parallel copy method, in a way it carries out multiple jobs at once, but only when they don't share a common, source/destination drive? I mean, let's say I have two jobs, both having "C:" drive as "source" or "destination"; in case one of the jobs need to be executed while there is another one already active, put this last one in queue. And let others jobs which don't involve the currently active "C:" drive get executed normally.

Alex Pankratov :

May 09, 2021

You can do this by sorting your backups into scheduling queues, a separate queue for each device (or device pair) -

Doequer :

May 10, 2021

According to that topic's comments, I just see I already tried it that feature, but I didn't even remember it LOL. I will try it again, thanks.

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