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Beta Release 42

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 19, 2013

New features

1. Added support for automatically excluding "smart files" - this is as per

2. Added $Recycle.bin and Recycler to the list of directories that are automatically excluded *at destination* when backing up to the root of the drive. This is as per

Issues resolved

Systray icon is now restored if the taskbar is recreated - with "taskbar recreated" being a polite way of saying "Windows Explorer restarting after a crash" :)

Other changes

Last access timestamp is no longer copied - when copying timestamps, the code now never copies "last access" timestamp.

timmib :

Oct 20, 2013


I have been reading thru the topics here and was left with the impression that all 3 timestamps would be included in the copy/backup function.  Could someone point me to the topic where last access time was discussed?

I do a lot of audio file work, editting as well as creation.  It may be my own slopping habits but there have been times when having all three time-stamps has made it easier to find a particular segment for re-inclusion in a project.



Alex Pankratov :

Oct 20, 2013

Could someone point me to the topic where last access time was discussed?

It was never discussed actually. Cloning of the "last access" time was something that I initially did as a part of "grab all timestamps, set all timestamps" routine. Then recently I was making copying of "created" timestamp optional and it occurred to me that copying of "last access" wasn't that terribly useful. It also has some quirks in certain scenarios, quirks that cause resetting of this timestamp to be ignored. So I turned it off completely.

If you say that replicating a-time is actually useful, I can switch it back on.

jaggudada :

Oct 20, 2013

I would agree that last access time stamp is very useful. If you can include it as an option then whoever needs it can turn it on.

timmib :

Oct 21, 2013

Greetings Alex,

I can not say for sure that 'last access' in a backup scenario is absolutely necessary.  I'll have to wait a couple of weeks when I'm in the midst of a transcribing/editting project to actually see what the backup folder is going to look like.  Still, my sense is that bvckup is to mirror the source regardless of what MS thinks.  In my case, I have really not found a good authoring app for music which keeps track of session changes the way I'd like, hence I do it myself which leads me to have to compare all three time stamps on occasion.  Of course, that's because they are there.  <g>  I'll just have to see in practice what happens.

Thanks for the shout-back.

Be well,


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