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Beta Release 49 (Samba support)

Alex Pankratov :

Nov 05, 2013


Added support for non-fully NTFS compliant volumes - this is a polite way of saying that I have made several changes to work around limitations of various NAS devices that run a combination of (U)nix and Samba [0].

More specifically, Samba is an open-source Unix-ish implementation of Windows Networking and the problems stem from Samba running on top of non-NTFS file systems. As several things that are taken for granted on Windows are simply not available. For example, it is not generally possible to set a "created" timestamp for a file that sits on a Samba share. It can be read, but it will always be the same a the "modified" time.

Another example is that some basic FAT/NTFS attributes such System and Hidden are not generally supported either. Furthermore, if a name of a file starts with a dot, then System attribute will be permanently set, otherwise it will be permanently cleared.

I am fairly certain that there are way to hammer Samba configuration in place and paint it to match NTFS very closely, but the fact remains that there *are* NAS devices that don't support c-times and don't allow setting certain attributes.

So with all this lovely mess in mind, I have added a step to backup sequence - the app now tests source and destination volumes for c-time support, attribute support and it also now makes a very elaborate effort to determine timestamp granularity. The net result is this section in the backup log -

Things fixed

1. Fixed an issue with updating empty hidden files - previously if a file had 0 bytes and its backup copy had Hidden, System or Read-only attribute set, then the update would fail. No more.

2. Fixed an issue with real-time jobs and denied network logins - if a real-time backup was set to monitor a network location and it got "invalid login"  trying to access that location, the UI would break. This was because I forgot to supply a human message for this case, and so it's fixed now.

timmib :

Nov 05, 2013


Just a thought.  Now that you're in open beta how about numbering the beta setup file?

Thanks for sharing all your hard work with us.

Be well,


Alex Pankratov :

Nov 05, 2013

Good point, will do.

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