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Shutdown PC at the end of the job

Eric :

Nov 27, 2013

I'd like to have the option to have my PC automatically shutdowned by Bvckup at the end of a long job.

for instance, I'm a photographer and when I come back from a shooting, I may have 2500 pictures to backup at the ned of my day, so Bvckup is running while I'm getting back home. An automatic shutdown could be nice in this case.

Alex Pankratov :

Nov 27, 2013

You can do it already by running Windows built-in "shutdown" command as a post-backup step -

Eric :

Nov 28, 2013

OK, nice to know. Not as simple as a nice little button, but will definitely work for me.
The program is simple but many useful details in the settings, the device tracking is great, I had a surprise last week with another software that does not track devices and copied files on the wrong external device...

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