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Beta Release 59

Alex Pankratov :

Dec 17, 2013

New feature

Automatic Archive pruning is in and it does just what it says on a tin. When enabled, bvckup will periodically scan the Archive folder and delete files and folders that have been sitting in the archive longer than the grace period.

This is OFF by default, because there *are* people who despite of all warning and exclamation marks assume that the backup program never deletes anything at the destination. So to spare them an unpleasant surprise, bvckup complies with their expectations and diligently archives everything. Only when it hits the out-of-disk-space condition, will it issue a warning and suggest enabling the pruning.

Also, do note that the grace period is calculated from the point of placing item into the archive and NOT from its last-modified timestamp. This is because last-modified timestamps are preserved when a file is archived.

The source of the feature - - thanks for nudging!

Issues resolved

1. Fixed an issue with Browse dialog not staring in correct folder. This is as per

2. Fixed several smaller UI issues - some labels were trimmed at certain DPIs, etc.

Other changes

1. Added humanized descriptions for several system errors - ERROR_CRC, ERROR_VOLUME_DIRTY, etc.

2. Boot delay is now 5 minutes

3. Resume delay is now On by default and it works just like the boot delay.

4. Clicking on empty space of the toolbar clears list selection

Alex Pankratov :

Dec 17, 2013

To add to these notes - there's just one large-ish thing remains before I'd be comfortable with pushing this into production. That's the UI logging part.

As it stands now, the UI keeps logs in the memory and this may lead to substantial memory use. There are provisions in place to trim older log entries, but it only trims with the granularity of a single backup run. This means that if there's a very large backup with lots of steps and activity, that particular log may consume a lot of RAM and I've had this reported.

I will be redoing the log panel to use a completely different approach. It will be a view into a file log, keeping in memory only a small part of the log that is near its effective viewing area. This should help it cope with arbitrary sized logs and cut down the run-time memory usage.

So I'm thinking early- to mid-January as the first production release. Almost there :)

Cranioscopical :

Dec 26, 2013

Just switched my O/S from W7-64 to W8.1-64.

I can't convince Bvckup (b159) that it should start minimized. 'Start Minimized' is checked in prefs. 'Show lopg panel' is unchecked.

Am I alone?

Cranioscopical :

Dec 26, 2013

Sorry, just found my answer in this topic: :[

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