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Backing up to Variable Loaction

clutts :

Dec 27, 2013

Hey Guys,

Apologies if this has already been answered. But I couldn't see the answer about.
I would like to backup to a Dated location, so that I can keep an archive.  I do this because I am backing up settings files for a couple of programs.  On previous programs that I have used, I just set the Path to X:\Backups\ProgramName\%Date%\ and then it will change %date% to the date when the backup runs.

However with Bvckup2, it just creates the path shown above (an %date% folder).  Is there any way to get the desired functionality?

Many thanks in Advance!

Alex Pankratov :

Dec 30, 2013

You can set it to back up into a temporary folder, say, X:\Backups\ProgramName\Current and then rename it to the %Date% using post-backup command. You would go something like this -

  move X:\Backups\ProgramName\Current X:\Backup\ProgramName\%date:~0,2%-%date:~3,2%-%date:~6,4%

whereby %date% is a windows shell built-in that is set to the current date and :~0,2 contraption is a string extraction, i.e. it extracts 2 characters starting at 0 position from 'date'.

clutts :

Dec 30, 2013

Hi Alex,

Thanks for this idea, didn't think of doing it like that!

I will give it a go.

Thanks again.

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