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SirClutch :

Feb 18, 2014

Really loving the simplicity of this program, never really kept backups before because I hate bloatware and ugly looking software but Bvckup2 is awesome! :)
I was wondering if a feature like a Dropbox type sync was possible between destinations.
I want to sync a folder on my USB to a folder on my drive (and the other way) and then keep a backup on an external location (my server share) using a seperate job. The files on my USB are edited at school and the ones on my computer are not touched unless I'm doing work at home where I'd like them to automatically sync back to my USB for the next day. Would it be overly difficult to create/consider this feature?

Alex Pankratov :

Feb 18, 2014

Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you liked the app enough to start doing backups :)

Re: sync - no plans for this. It's not a technical issue as sync is not that much more difficult than a backup, it's a matter of app's focus. Right now it is very simple - it copies things from A to B - and it's easy to explain and to understand. Adding sync will turn it into a multitool. While sync and backup are closely related, there'll be very few people who'd actually need both at once, and from the same app - so there's really no real point in having these two features in the same app. So the answer is - sorry, no plans for sync.

beethoven :

Jul 12, 2014

Alex, just trying out the program and while I love the simplicity of the gui, I am still trying to work out how to incorporate bvckup into my normal schedule.

I am doing something similar as Sir Clutch - in my case working on a pc for most of the time but carrying some files with me on a USB when working at a different office for the day.  At the moment I am doing a simple copy/paste from A to B  and then after the day from B to A, with A being the files on my own pc.  I should be able to use Bvckup by just setting up two jobs  to do that or am I missing something?  What I want to achieve is to have the latest files on my USB when I move to the other office. What I want to avoid is overriding the files on my pc by mistake with old files from the stick.  I guess since these files are scattered around on different drives and directories, I would need to set up a number of backup jobs in each direction.

Alex Pankratov :

Jul 13, 2014

I should be able to use Bvckup by just setting up two jobs  to do that or am I missing something?

You could do that, but I'd say you'd be setting yourself up for a mess. What you need is a two-way sync and while it's a related task, it's not something that is handled well by a pure mirroring app like bvckup.

appel :

Oct 11, 2014

While I understand your reasoning, I do miss it as an option. How about making a sync (svnc!) module/option a paid upgrade for those of us who understand and appreciate the differences?

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 11, 2014

Noted. I agree that it would probably make a nice companion product, however it all comes down to finding time/resources to make it happen.

JC :

Oct 21, 2014

You can work around it, but it gets complex.

Location A - want to sync with location B
Location B - Want to sync with location A
Location C - temp location to enable syncing

Location A backups to location C
location C backs up to location B
Location B backs up to location A

if you make changes on B, it gets copied to A to bring it up to date, which then copies to C to bring it up to date. As B and C now contain the same file versions, no copy is done.

If you make changes on A, it copies to B, which then copies to A. Since A and B now contain the same versions, no copy is done.

Its convoluted certainly not the ideal way to sync two locations, but it should work.

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