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Beta Release 61

Alex Pankratov :

Feb 18, 2014

Beta 60, Service Pack 1

1. Fixed an issue with Shadow Copying not working on XP installations *after an update from earlier version*.

This had to do with an XP-specific DLL that Bvckup2 uses to access VSS service on XP. It is embedded into bvckup2.exe and extracted as needed. Beta 60 included a new version of this DLL, but the app didn't extract it as there was an existing (older) version in place. A version that it couldn't actually use ... hence no VSS on XP after an upgrade to Beta 60.

2. Fixed an issue with destination snapshot getting discarded if a destination network location is unavailable. This was just a flaw in the backup logic.

3. Fixed a scrollbar drawing issue on XP.

4. Changed Ctrl-W to act like Alt-F4 rather than like File/Exit.


And, just in case, Beta 60 release notes -

PeteZ :

Feb 18, 2014

Well done, thanks! #1 is a confirmed fix.

I can now see from other posts why there was a lapse in update versions and as a result activity here. Glad to see one of the two pre-release issues finished. Good work!

sguergachi :

Feb 18, 2014

I'm having issues since the update with error: *Failed to create destination folder*. This is what the logger shows when I try to run my main backup:

Alex Pankratov :

Feb 18, 2014

Is H:\ a mapped drive?

sguergachi :

Feb 19, 2014

Hmm, for some reason the external drive H: was visible in the system but was empty when I tried to see its content. After disconnecting and reconnecting it works fine. Thanks

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