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Beta Release 62

Alex Pankratov :

Mar 03, 2014

Improved support for network drives and locations

Several things here.

* First is that network paths behind mapped network drives are now monitored if/when the drive becomes unavailable.

* Second is a fix for the following scenario. Say, you set backup to use \\server\share\foo and this share requires username/password on the first access. Then, say, you have accessed the share, entered the password and it is now available in Windows Explorer. Next, restart Bvckup with full admin rights. Guess what? The share is inaccessible. See for original report.

Now, follow the hands. Grab just a username under which the share is accessible under regular user account and then issue "net use \\server\share /user:<username>" from Bvckup running as full admin. No password, just the username. Poof. The share is now accessible. It makes no sense, but it works and Bvckup now does this for you, behind the scenes.

* Third, there are changes to better handle disappearing/disconnecting network locations when they are used as a source for real-time backups.

Issues resolved

1. Fixed support for case-sensitive file systems
As per

2. Fixed support for NTFS de-duplication reparse points
As per

3. Fixed file ownership issues when switching app's mode

When Bvckup was switched back from service to the app mode, it would under certain circumstances re-copy its /engine subfolder and that would place all its contents under the ownership of Administrator account and make it inaccessible to the app *if* it wasn't running with full admin rights. All sorts of interesting events followed, including a crash (fixed separately).

4. Fixed "remind to check for updates" option
This was just plain broken. Now it should work as designed.

5. Fixed timestamp issue with Synology DiskStation
As per

6. Fixed an issue with shadow copying "as needed" option

7. Added provisional workaround for device fingerprints not being always available.

I cannot reproduce this issue locally, but based on "field" reports the issue can typically be solved by restarting Bvckup. This likely means that there's a delay after device is reported as available by Windows and it is being accessible in way needed for computing the fingerprint. So the workaround is that Bvckup will now re-query device fingerprint in 5 seconds after a new device is indicated by Windows.

Context: and private emails

Other changes

1. Added support for Window 8.1 per-monitor DPI mode

Apparently Windows 8.1 implemented something called per-monitor DPI, meaning that if you have an average monitor and a High DPI one, then W8.1 will run them at different DPI. If an app doesn't indicate that it is aware of this awesomeness, W8.1 will blur the hell out of it on a High DPI monitor.

2. ServiceConfigPath registry tweak is again supported

If you don't know what this is, you probably don't need it :)

3. Systray "minimize" now always minimizes to systray

4. Missed backups are now again flagged on launch

5. Backups with non-critical errors can now too be flagged

This is an .ini only option and it has to do with what kinds of errors are treated by Bvckup as "critical". By default, only backup-level errors are considered critical - i.e. those that either prevent backup from starting or those that abort it. However, with this change it is now possible to have file-level errors to be treated as critical so that they too would trigger a systray blink and notification.

In order to enable this behavior exit Bvckup, add the following line to %LocalAppData%\Bvckup2\ui\bvckup2-ui.ini, save it and then start Bvckup again.

    warn_on_step_errors  1

Deipotent :

Mar 03, 2014

2. ServiceConfigPath registry tweak is again supported


5. Fixed timestamp issue with Synology DiskStation

This issue was not solely related to Synology DiskStation. B61 was detecting an exFAT USB HD destination as NTFS, resulting in continual backups, even though nothing changed.

B62 now correctly identifies it as exFAT again.

Deipotent :

Mar 03, 2014

Had a manual backup job which was paused during Scan phase. Then I switched to service mode and the cell is now incorrectly saying "Waiting for the original destination device..." even though the device (ie. fixed disk partition) is already present.

Deipotent :

Mar 03, 2014

correction - the job had started running when it was paused.

Deipotent :

Mar 03, 2014

This might be my error - I think I set the ID when creating the job, and then formatted the partition before saving and running the job.

Alex Pankratov :

Mar 04, 2014

You seem to come with your own class of errors :)

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