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kbva :

Apr 26, 2014


I just discovered bvckup. It looks like a very well engineered software. Thanks for this beta that feels more stable than many "stable" versions of other software.

I would like to suggest implementing an encryption option. I am not sure how easy it is to implement with the delta copying, but considering that bvckup is great at backing up to the cloud  (thanks to delta copying) an encryption option would be great.

I tried using TrueCrypt, but my cloud provider does not support files larger than 4GB, so could not create a reasonable backup.

I was also wondering if there was any way to use the command line version of 7-zip with the pre-backup or post-backup commands but could not come up with anything.

Alex Pankratov :

Apr 27, 2014


Encryption is something that I will not be putting into the app. Having worked on VPN products in the past, I know applied crypto well and I would strongly urge you to keep tasks of data backup and data protection divorced and handled by separate applications.

TrueCrypt is indeed *the* option for setting this up. You save locally to a drive that stores into a mapped TC container and then use to (shadow) copy the .tc to the backup location. The 4GB limit on your cloud provider is unfortunate, but you can probably cook something up with using several 4GB volumes and then assembling them into a single folder with NTFS symlinks.

Alternatively, I can provide a way to extend bvckup's copying pipeline and have all read/written blocks to pass through custom "plugins" that would, for example, encrypt file contents as needed.

kbva :

Apr 27, 2014

Thanks for the prompt reply.

When I mentioned 7-zip, I meant its encrypting features. Is there any documentation how to use the pre and post backup commands?

It may be a mute point any way as I am getting errors (getoverlappedresult 87) and hard crashes (have not seen too many of those in past ) on Win 8.1 while trying to bvckup even normal size files files to the cloud.

Alex Pankratov :

Apr 28, 2014

Re 7-zip - oh, right, OK. Here's the description of pre/post commands -

With regards to your issues - as much as I don't like blame other dev's work, this is most certainly due to the bugs in your cloud software file system driver. I've done a fair amount of work in that domain and these are telltale signs of a kernel I/O component not working properly. If you are in a position to file a bug report with them, consider doing that. Feel free to tell them to get in touch with me if they need any technical help.

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