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Reset or schedule LOGs

Bomba :

May 01, 2014

Is there an option to set archive log or set maximum size/maximum time to log?

Alex Pankratov :

May 01, 2014

Yes, there are options that control that.

In the settings.ini file for each backup job there are two lines -

conf.log_rotate_size - the maximum size of the log file
conf.log_rotate_count - how many archived copies of the log to keep

You start with just backup.log. When it grows to conf.log_rotate_size, it is moved to backup.0.log as soon as the backup is idle, and a new backup.log is started. When new .log grows to the threshold, the process is repeated, i.e. backup.0.log is moved to backup.1.log, backup.log - to backup.0.log and new backup.log is started. Conventionally, this is called "log rotation".

Defaults are 16 MB for size and 1 for rotation count (meaning that there'll be .log and .0.log only). Rotation count cannot be less than 1.


As of Release 73 Revision 6 it is now possible to rotate the logs on schedule, e.g. every day or every week. This is controlled by the following two settings.ini entries -

log_rotate_intvl - the rotation interval
log_rotate_first - time of the first rotation (hint: may be in the future)

The interval is in ":" format, whereby is
2 for microseconds,
3 for milliseconds,
4 for seconds,
5 for minutes,
6 for hours,
7 for days,
8 for weeks

So 3:45 is "45 milliseconds" and "4:5" is "5 seconds".


If you are going to change these values, make sure to exit the app first, then edit and then start the app again. Otherwise your changes will be overwritten by the app.

PaulK :

Aug 22, 2014

On the first server I changed log size to 128 (very small) and rotation count to 30 on 4 jobs and it's working perfectly. The jobs were configured in version 69, but it's since been upgraded to version 70.

On my latest server I did the same thing (after closing the app and stopping the service) but the logs aren't rotating. I've confirmed that the settings.ini has maintained the changes for both jobs. I've even changed the rotation size to 1.

Any help is appreciated.

PaulK :

Aug 22, 2014

Well, wouldn't you know that it would start working moments after I posted here. I have no idea why, but it's working.

Alex Pankratov :

Aug 22, 2014

Have you had a log file opened in Notepad or some other app by any chance?

PaulK :

Aug 27, 2014

That is very likely.

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