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Release 67

Alex Pankratov :

May 19, 2014


For production version this release adds trialing, licensing and other scaffolding needed to transit from a free to a paid app.

For corresponding beta release there are not feature changes.


1. Fixed an issue with log viewer stealing input focus - this is a fallout from an earlier change whereby clicking on "Xx errors" in main window would automatically set focus to the log viewer pane. The issue was that the pane will keep stealing the focus every second afterwards.

2. Fixed an issue with switching to periodic backup - when switching a backup from real-time to periodic mode *and* if there's a run pending due to file system changes, the app would overreact and shutdown. This was due to an invalid logic in the backup reconfiguration code. It tripped, correctly, a self-consistency check.

3. Fixed a rare on-exit issue - in certain cases the log viewer could get its internal state messed up when the app was existing. If you know C++, here are the details -


Added a check to the installer to see if it's being run on XP/64bit or 2003/64bit and then complain about it. There is a workaround for installing bvckup on these platforms, but you will need to get in touch with me over the email to get it. The reason being is that I don't have an access to either of these OS combinations, so I cannot properly support them.

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