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"Contents of the log file cannot be displayed"

May 20, 2014

The following applies to the case when you see a red warning message in the log panel -

The issue is caused by the corruption either of the log file or its index, which is in turn happens after either forcibly closing the program or shutting down the computer abruptly (due to a bluescreen, sudden power loss, etc.)

Bvckup2 includes multiple provisions to minimize the chance of such corruption and takes steps to detect and rectify it, but in some cases it will not be able to recover the log.

The remedy

The only way to recover from this condition is to delete the affected log file:

1. Right-click on the backup job, Open Location > Configuration & Logging
2. Exit the program. If it's running as a service, stop the service.
3. Delete backup.log and backup.0.log if present.
4. Restart the program.

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