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Alex Pankratov :

Jun 05, 2013

Solved the problem with "source scan failed". Yet again.

I keep stepping on the same rake. There's a tiny piece of code that checks an arbitrary path to be in correct format and it understands all valid path forms, including extended versions of both UNC and local file system paths. There is however one format that is (technically) invalid, but that is still used to access files - the Volume Shadow Service snapshot paths. They start with \\?\ followed by, essentially, whatever. So up until BR10 the path validation code was failing these paths as invalid and it caused the backup to get aborted at various stages depending on the context. With BR10 this is hopefully fixed once and for all and the issue can be considered closed.

JacobMoreagles :

Jun 05, 2013

Since root directory copying now works, I'm now backing up ~300,000 files from an array to a USB3 disk. It appears as though I'm still getting errors, but the only error I can find in the scrolling log is VSS trying and failing to copy the "system volume information" folder. I'm assuming this is normal.

I would like to have some sort of "go to next error" functionality, because scrolling through a log of 300,000+ transfers is a pain. I know I can bring it into notepad++ and run a find if I had to, It just seems outside of what the average user is going to be capable of.

My idea is to have the "X errors" link cycle through the errors in the log every time it's clicked. The current functionality seems to bring up the *first* error already, so it seems possible.

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 05, 2013

@JacobMoreagles - Yes, "go to next error" is good idea, already on a ToDo list and I will do it shortly.

Incidentally I too was thinking on using "X errors" as the "next error" button, but I wasn't sure how obvious that'd be.

jrothlis :

Jun 05, 2013

Pausing a backup job appears to leave the current file handle open. This stops the machine from sleeping.

C:\Windows\system32>powercfg -requests

[DRIVER] \FileSystem\rdbss
A file has been opened across the network. File name: [...path to file goes here...] Process ID: [Process ID of Bvckup]





Alex Pankratov :

Jun 06, 2013

@jrothils - I meant Pause primarily for short-term pausing. Like when you want to suspend all disk and network activity for a bit to do something else.

The backup works off a snapshot that is created during the scanning phase and the longer the backup runs (or paused for) the more the chances of the snapshot getting outdated, leading to all sorts of superficial errors and warnings.

I *can* work in the support for closing the currently copied file on Pause, but frankly I think it's the wrong way of going about this. If one needs to sleep the machine, he'll need to make sure to stop all the backups.
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