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Release 69

Jul 02, 2014

New - Simulated runs

Just as the name implies it's an option to run a backup without making any changes to destination. The app will execute the scanning phase, compile the backup plan and then dump it into the log instead of executing it.

The end result looks like this -

The option is accessible via the right-click menu for a backup like so -

New - Shadow copying improvements

The app now recognizes optional VSS writers and involves them in a snapshot creation process.

VSS writers are the components of the shadow copying framework that are tasked with ensuring consistency of specific files in VSS snapshots. For example, when creating a snapshot, Windows would ask the MSSQL writer to flush any pending database changes in a way that would make on-disk copy of the database self-consistent.

The way this shows up in the log is this -

New - Overrides for default backup configuration

This is an advanced configuration option for those who'd like to tweak the defaults of new backup configurations.

The way it works is that you place a copy of settings.ini file from any existing backup into bvckup2\ui directory under the name of backup-template.ini and the UI will use it to initialize a new backup job when it's showing the New Backup dialog.

If you have no idea when this could come handy, then you don't need this feature :)


1. Resolved several smaller UI issues, like thin progress bars spanning a bit too wide and such.

2. Fixed an issue with the engine not logging the context of certain failure, e.g. it wasn't indicating whether a "locked file" error was referring to a file at source or at destination.

Other - Symlinks in file browser

The file/folder browsing widget in Backup What window now understands and shows symlinks *when backup is configured to follow them* in More Options section. Again, if you don't know what this is for, you don't need this feature :)

Other - New default

Periodic 6-hour backup is a new default, a change from real-time in all previous releases.

Other - Matching files by size

This is an advanced option, tread with care.

In addition to matching by attributes and name, manual filters now support matching by a file size range. To make use of this functionality you will need to look into settings.ini of a backup and find lines that start with conf.filters.2.manual. These are your manual filters as seen in Backup What window and they use the following format:

    conf.filters.2.manual   <0 or 1> <attr-mask> <attr-bits> <name-pattern>

0 is for "exclude", 1 is for "include". Mask and bits are 32-bit hex numbers with values from [1]. The app takes an attribute of a file, ANDs it with mask, the compares with bits and looks for an exact match... but I digress.

In order to match file by size the entry needs to be in an extended format:

    conf.filters.2.manual   <- or +> <attr-mask> <attr-bits> <min-size> <max-size> <name-pattern>

Note the use of +/- instead of 1/0. For example, the following rule -

    conf.filters.2.manual       - 00000010 00000000 1024 2048 *.tmp

will exclude *.tmp files that are between 1KB and 2KB inclusively.


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