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Beta Release 11

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 07, 2013

Several important things in this one.

1. Fixed an issue with not being to switch the app into the service mode on Windows 2008. Kudos to @Upsidedownweb and @RussPa53.

2. Fixed an issue with symlinks generating "GetSymlinkType() failed" errors when using VSS. Kudos to @Hal and @ckasprzak.

3. FIxed an issue with backup planner tripping an internal safety check when detecting moves. Kudos to @Hal.

4. Changed the engine to trim its copy of backup logs right after its retrieved by the UI when both are running as a single process. Kudos to me.

5. Removed "..." from "Copying file" log entries so not to confuse certain individuals. Kudos to said individuals.

Please update at will. I have also a small pile of unanswered emails, I will be attending to them tomorrow.

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 07, 2013

Also, let me make a short list of bigger outstanding items. Higher priority items first.

a) Archival of deleted items.
This is needed, because the "Don't delete anything at destination" option doesn't make a very good default. It may easily lead to confusing error messages in reasonably straight-forward scenarios.

b) "Use VSS as needed" option.
That's an option for delaying taking a VSS snapshot until the first locked file is encountered.

c) UI for including/excluding files/directories
This is the "Include what" section of the backup settings. It's a big-ish UI coding effort as it requires implementing a file system view UI widget and that may get a bit tricky.

d) The "Rabbit hole" and "More options" parts of the UI.
That's of the backup config and the app preferences respectively - two flat laundry lists of all available options.

e) The full version of "Update available" dialog that includes the list of changes.
I am planning to do not the typical thing ( but rather something a bit more intelligent (

f) Reading/writing speed improvements in delta copier.
This is targeted primarily at over-the-network backups when the IO latency is substantially higher and so having more IO requests "in-flight" is a natural way to speed things up.


On top of this, there's a long list of smaller UI improvements that I will be taking care of in small bursts between working on major changes.

pjb :

Jun 08, 2013

I've just installed beta 11 on an old Win XP desktop and noticed that the installer put the Start Menu shortcut in the folder
..."All Users\Start Menu\ProgramsBvckup 2"
rather than in
..."All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Bvckup 2"

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 08, 2013

@pjb - Thanks, will attend to in a moment.  Beta 10 and 11 included a large scale internal change to make all *paths* always end with a \. This case is something that I must've missed.
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