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Drag and Drop folders to "Backup to" & "Backup from" textboxes

sguergachi :

Aug 22, 2014

This would be one of those little details that would remain invisible until you think "why not try and see if it works"

I have my backup from and backup to folders open in file explorer, so I don't want to go in and click the "Browse" button to go find the folder in another file explorer.

If I could just drag and drop the 2 folders to the appropriate textboxes, it would be awesome!

Alex Pankratov :

Aug 29, 2014

I'm a Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V person myself, but let me see what I can do :)

Doequer :

Aug 12, 2018

Hello, I was going to ask about this very same missing feature but hopefully I searched before doing it.

So, do you think it could be implemented in some near future version?


Alex Pankratov :

Aug 14, 2018

It will be in the next maintenance release.

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