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Sep 10, 2014

A list of topics with common questions and feature descriptions.

The best of the best

Network share and mapped drive access in Administrator mode

Windows 10?

Yes, fully supported.


Logon credentials for network shares

Pre- and post-backup commands

Email notifications and alerts

Format of the exclusion/inclusion patterns, a.k.a. "filters" or "rules"

Switching between desktop and service modes

Compressed backups

Encrypted backups

Media and device ejection

Grouping backups for scheduling purposes

Quiet periods / Scheduled hours

Running backup when an external drive is plugged in

Suppressing "missed backup" errors

Archiving / snapshots

File versioning / archiving of modified files  --  planned feature  --  interim solution

Daily backups, with a week worth of history

Daily backups, each in its own folder

Cycling through a set of N backup folders, one per run

Each backup into its own timestamped folder

Maintenance / setup

Managing Bvckup2 configuration  --  how to edit settings.ini  --  what's where  --  the INI file spec

Exporting/importing app configuration

Customizing configuration location / portable use

Activating license on an offline computer

Customizing log rotation

Common issues

Mapped drives unavailable when running as Administrator

Copying open files

Issues with shadow copying

"Contents of the log cannot be displayed"

"Installation package appears to be corrupted"

"Path is too long" when accessing $Archive in Windows Explorer

"SetFileTime() failed with 87"

File timestamps are too far in the past or in the future

Installer fails with 80096005

Advanced use / scanning & planning

Matching items by size, timestamps or attributes

Forcing backup of unmodified files

Suppressing updates of files that are older than their backup copies

Excluding/including destination items, a.k.a. "destination filters"

Suppressing comparison and/or copying of "created" timestamps

Retrying on errors while scanning

Cloning attributes, timestamps, etc. of the top-level folder

Advanced use / share access

Forcing network logon on every run

Advanced use / assorted topics

Command-line control

Shutting down computer after a backup   --  Option A   --  Option B

Preventing reboots when there are running backups

Locking down UI access in service mode

Scripted/automated installation

Customizing the UI appearance

Further reading material

How exclusion/inclusion rules works

How delta copying works

"Pushing" vs "pulling" backups
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