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Beta Release 14

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 09, 2013


1. Fixed an issue with a file move detector in the backup planning module, whereby it could consider the same file to be included in more than one move operation and that caused an internal consistency check to fire off.

2. Changed the backup code to discard destination snapshot if the "Deletion" preferences is changed from "Keep backup copies" to "Delete backup copies". This forces a re-scan of the destination and this in turn detects all files that weren't deleted on previous runs.

3. Changed the backup code to discard delta state on the next backup run instead of immediately after the configuration was changed. Latter yielded some obscure errors in the log if the backup was running when the state was purged.

4. Fixed a couple of smaller bugs relating to the portable use (as per!topic/43)

I insist that you update.

highend :

Jun 09, 2013

The update mechanism is still broken. At least on this pc.

I've updated from v11 to v13 previously (by downloading the new setup file and executing it while Bvckup wasn't running).

The update to v14 fails (same message like in my previous post for beta 11). I tried it with the normal installed version and I've copied the full installation dir to "D:\Bvckup2" and executed it from there in portable mode.

This is not a permission problem. "Everyone" has access on drive D:\.

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 German SP1.
No fancy stuff installed.
Admin user with UAC turned off.

Jadag :

Jun 09, 2013

Updated 08h20 (+2 GMT). Mine is working fine (Windows 8)

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 10, 2013

@highend - I'll have a look, thanks for the nudge.

@Jadag - Ack, thanks.
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