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Beta Release 17

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 17, 2013


Issues resolved

1. Fixed an issue with updating from within the app on Win2008R2.

2. Fixed an issue with delta copier not properly handling files that can't be opened for copying if the reason is *not* files being locked. This is a simple oversight on my end, a part of the "VSS as needed" change from a couple of releases back.

3. Fixed an issue of deleting a running backup leaving a systray icon animated.


1. Clicking Go/Stop now shows a message bar notification if no job is selected.

2. The name of a file/folder being created/moved/deleted is now shown in the main window when the backup is running. Previously it did this only for files that were copied for longer than 1 second.

3. Systray icon animation is slowed down 5x when all running backups are paused.

highend :

Jun 17, 2013

Updating from a running instance  (v16 to v17) still fails on this pc.

Message: At attempt to update your installation failed.

Btw, it should be "An", not "At" :)

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 German

Deipotent :

Jun 17, 2013

After switching mode from regular program to service mode, the tray icon flashes between normal icon and exclamation mark. Clicking on Bvckup window does not show alert at bottom and tray icon never stops flashing.

Deipotent :

Jun 17, 2013

After minimizing window and clicking on flashing tray icon, the alert is displayed at bottom and tray icon does stop flashing.

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 17, 2013

@highend - Noooo, fixed. And let me email you regarding the failed update.

@Deipotent - I'll have a look, thanks. That part needs a revision anyway.

Deipotent :

Jun 17, 2013

Following bugs are still present:

- When running as a service, auto-update from 16 to 17 does not restart the UI part (the service is restarted fine).

- If there are no backups and you double-click the top window border (ie. to maximize the window height), then double-click again to restore normal height, the "Add new backup..." hyperlink in the middle of the window is not visible. Resizing window will cause it to re-appear. After it re-appears, the same bug does not occur again until you exit and restart Bvckup.

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