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Beta Release 18

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 18, 2013


Issues resolved

1. Specifying destination location that sits in a directory that doesn't exist yielded "device not found" error message. Courtesy of @pongo.

2. Switching the log panel on and off resulted in main window shrunk and expanded incorrectly. This was due to the panel showing/hiding code being oblivious to the maximum window height restriction imposed by the Desktop Manager. Courtesy of @enktesisllc.

3. Backup logs sometimes weren't correctly sync'ed between the engine and the UI on start (meaning that they didn't appear in the UI until the next backup event).

4. Resizing window by double-clicking its top border twice in a row caused some parts of the window not being redrawn. I can't reproduce it, so the fix is only tentative. Courtesy @Deipotent.

5. Tentative fixes for "UI not restarting after the update" and "update of a running instance failed". Again, can't reproduce these, so my guess what that it's a timing issue and the fixes are based on this.

6. Fixed an issue with "Your installation has been updated to Xxx version" not being shown after the update.


1. App window can now be maximized

Deipotent :

Jun 18, 2013

4 - tentative fix seems to have done the job.

5 -  "UI not restarting after the update"  still not working after update to BR18 (unless I need to update again to BR19 to test this ?)

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 18, 2013

4 - great, thanks for the confirmation.

5 - Can you try updating BR19 to BR19 and then email me bvckup2.log (I need the part around the restart)? To do this, download (which is BR19 at the moment) and run it while the main program is running.

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