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Release 73

Alex Pankratov :

Feb 12, 2015

New  -  Lighter and faster revision of the logging subsystem

This is *the* change in this release. Basically, the original version of the logging module was not very good. It worked, but it had certain issues that became especially noticeable in service mode.

A longer write-up with all the details is here -

New  -  Completion time estimation for longer file copies

It's now possible to toggle between completed %-age, elapsed time and estimated completion time when the app is copying large files.

Here's how it looks -
Here's how it works -

The next step will be to add completion time estimation for not just files, but entire backups. But on thing at a time.

New  -  Monthly backups

It's now possible to schedule a backup to run on the N-th day of every M-th month. Here are the details -

New  -  Automatic software updates

Existing update options were "Check for updates", "Remind me to check" and "I like to run outdated software" (paraphrasing). This release adds "Check and automatically update".

This is primarily meant for cases when you are installing the software for a less technical person and you don't want to task them with keeping up with the updates.

*** The option is hidden by default. In order to show it, just click on More at the bottom left corner of the window.

Also, keep in mind that the update process is currently driven from the UI module. This means that if the app is running in a service mode and the UI is closed, the auto-updates will effectively be Off. Also, if the app is installed in C:\Program Files, there'll be an UAC prompt when the updater launches.

Alex Pankratov :

Feb 12, 2015

Resolved an issue with copying zero-sized files

If a non-empty file got truncated to zero bytes between the Scanning and Copying phases, the engine would get stuck trying to copy it.

I actually really like this bug. In my 20+ years of writing code it's the first time I managed to produce a user-friendly infinite loop. It's like a hang, but you can ask it to quit and it will. Very polite.

Other changes

1.  The engine now keeps backups in the same order as the UI

There are two copies of the backup job list - one is in the engine and another is in the UI. Prior to this release the app made no effort to keep jobs ordered the same way on both lists. This wasn't a big deal except for the case of launching all backups via "Backup everything" option from the systray menu - the app did run all the jobs, but not in UI's top-down order. This is now fixed.

2.  The UI now exits silently when the engine service is stopped

Previously, stopping bvckup2 service caused the UI to show "All's lost, the engine crashed, report this terrible news to the support" kind of message. Now it doesn't do that unless the engine actually crashes.

3.  Pre/post-backup commands can now be launched via shell

Previously, pre/post commands were launched with a low-level function by creating an OS process. This release adds an option to launch them via shell, just as if these command were typed into Windows "Run" dialog.

More formally, there are three launch options - "process", "shell" and "auto". Auto is the default and the way it works is as follows - it checks if the command specifies an existing file that ends with .bat. If it does, then it uses the "shell" method, otherwise it goes with the "process".

I will update the "Pre/post-commands" FAQ topic with the details on how to enable either of two other options in a bit.

Alex Pankratov :

Feb 14, 2015

R73 Rev 1 is out.

The update is only needed for those who are running the app in service mode *and* under custom credentials. The original R73 release assumed that the service always had required privileges for opening log files on behalf of the UI. Apparently, in some case this wasn't true and the service had to explicitly request these privileges from the system. That's the change in R73/1. To apply the change please download the update from and run it manually.

Alex Pankratov :

Feb 16, 2015

R73 Rev 3 is out.

This updates resolves an issue with "Open in Notepad" option of the log viewer menu not working.

Additionally, the update also resolves an issue with the software update module whereby it would correctly detect, download and verify an update package, but would fail to launch it. This was due to the rework of the module needed to accommodate auto-updates and it inadvertently caused manually downloaded updates to get launched with an empty filename.


If you are running an earlier R73 revision, please download and run the update package manually from

My apologies for this incident. Few things are worse than messing up an update subsystem ... but it still happens once in a while :-/

Bamit :

Feb 17, 2015

Morning Alex.  Not a big deal, just pointing out that update R73.3 being downloaded   "bvckup2-update-"   is actually R73.4,   or so it says.

delair :

Feb 17, 2015

Hi Alex

With the new update & feature of copying speed and completion time estimation for large files with is superb, would it be possible to have this feature available for the overall backup/complete backup.

E.g. I have 1TB to backup -so how long it will take to backup 1TB and current backup speed & time based on the speed - This will help in many ways and to pin point any throughput issues too;

Maybe an option to enable/disable this function depending on user preference.

As at the moment I am testing a 1TB backup and have no idea how long it will take other than to check the steps/wait for the backup alert etc.

Just a thought


Alex Pankratov :

Feb 17, 2015

would it be possible to have this feature available for the overall backup/complete backup?

Yep, coming up in the next release or the one after. It's a bit more involved because there's a fixed per-file cost (open/close), so the estimator works through linear regression rather than just a simple sliding average. Still perfectly doable, just need needs a bit more work and testing.

Alex Pankratov :

Feb 17, 2015

Morning Alex.  Not a big deal, just pointing out that update R73.3 being downloaded   "bvckup2-update-"   is actually R73.4,   or so it says.

Aye, thanks. It's intentional, but I'll be putting things in proper order shortly.

Alex Pankratov :

Mar 02, 2015

R73 Rev 5 is out.

A small fix for the case when a backup log spans several files (backup.log, backup.0.log, etc.) and one of the older files *ends* with a log entry that is not properly formatted. Previously this would case the log panel to perpetually display "Indexing new entries ... 99%" message.

Bamit :

Mar 02, 2015

Alex, is this a manual update?  I ask because the last version (73.3/4) is not finding it under    Help/Check for Updates.

Alex Pankratov :

Mar 02, 2015

I was about to release it through the update channel. Please check again now and it should show up.

wtip :

Mar 02, 2015

When I try to install the update I get this message.
"An attempt to update your installation failed" and at the same time an Explorer window pop up with this folder path open C:\Windows\system32

Gnorf :

Mar 02, 2015

Alex, trying to download 73 rev.5 it fails upon installation, while opening explorer viewering /system32  dir.


Alex Pankratov :

Mar 02, 2015


please update manually, just this once -
Details are here -

Gnorf :

Mar 03, 2015

Thanks Alex! :)

Alex Pankratov :

Mar 20, 2015

R73 Rev 6 is out.

⦁  Resolved an issue with error navigation in the log viewer - scrolling up and down using in-place red arrows next to the error entries didn't properly work across log file boundaries (for larger backups log viewer sews several log files together and shows them as a single contiguous log)

⦁  Resolved an issue with querying the size of 16TB+ disks - the app would incorrectly report size to be smaller than it actually was

⦁  Resolved an issue with folder-based NTFS mount points - previously, when determining the amount of free space at destination the app was querying it for the root of the location (e.g. just C:\ or \\server\share). Now it queries it using full location path, so it works correctly when the backup location is in the mounted NTFS folder.

⦁  Resolved an issue with the post-resume backup delay - previously the app did not observe the "boot delay" option from the Preferences when it was processing a Resume power event (it set the delay unconditionally).

⦁  Added support for the time-based backup log rotation - it's now possible to have the app rotate backup logs on schedule, i.e. every N days/weeks/etc. This is in addition to the existing option of size-based rotation, i.e. when the backup log grows too big. For details please refer to this post -

Alex Pankratov :

Apr 05, 2015

R73 Rev 7 is out.

⦁  Resolved an issue with the planning module - it didn't retrieve IDs of new files unless at least one file was deleted. This effectively disabled rename detection for these new files, should they in fact get renamed later on.

⦁  Resolved a couple of issues with the log viewer - the viewer would show "Indexing ... 99%" upon log rotation until at least one entry was added to the new log file. The viewer now also automatically re-indexes log files if it runs into an index corruption (that may happen when the computer is shut down abruptly).

⦁  Resolved an issue with deleting of a backup job - the app was removing backup configuration and log files *before* it actually closed and released the logs. As a result .log files weren't deleted.

⦁  Resolved an issue with pausing simulated backup runs - when running a simulation of a disabled job, pressing Stop and then Go erroneously enabled the job instead of resuming it (and the second Go press was required to actually resume it).

⦁  Resolved an issue with one of the SMTP override options - the "email.conf.validate_cert" override wasn't observed by the email module in certain cases.

⦁  Added support for "LOGIN" mail server authentication - previously the email module supported only PLAIN authentication.

⦁  Added %WinDir%\WinSxS as a default exclude - this is a fairly big system directory where Windows Update stores lots of data (that it needed for rolling back the updates if requested). Not only it takes a lot of space, it also has a flat structure with thousands of subfolders sitting directly in WinSxS.

Bamit :

Apr 07, 2015

Alex, is this a manual update?  I ask because the last version (73.6) is not finding it under    Help/Check for Updates.


Alex Pankratov :

Apr 07, 2015

New updates are rolled out in batches, but 73.7 should be visible now to everyone. Try again from Help/Check for Updates?

Alex Pankratov :

Apr 09, 2015

R73 Rev 8 is out.

Fixes one very exotic issue with how the app handled corrupted backup logs.

Power-cycling a computer while an app is actively writing into a file may cause this file getting filled with zeroes or even some junk. This is a general issue related to how write-caching works. When this happened to a backup log, the app would still try and work through the corrupted part and only if the corruption is too large, it would give up and ignore this particular log file.

The issue was triggered by having a partially indexed backup.0.log file that has a corruption in the part that wasn't yet indexed. There is a very specific and rare set of circumstances when this could happen and the app didn't do a proper job handling this case. Fixed now.

Alex Pankratov :

Apr 28, 2015

R73 Rev 9 is out.

Resolved an issue with the log viewer when the UI is denied access to all log index files. This is may happen if another process (e.g. an antivirus) opens .tdb files for whatever reason in exclusive mode.

Reduced CPU consumption while idling.

Resolved an issue with the internal timer module -- a potential arithmetic overflow when converting the value of Windows high-performance timer to microseconds. This fix is provisional as I'm not certain that this issue can be ever triggered to begin with (as it would require the timer frequency in the GHz range and the machine uptime in years).

Alex Pankratov :

May 13, 2015

R73 Rev 10 is out.

The change is small, but important. When the app runs a backup and runs into an OS error, it checks if it's a file/folder specific issue or if it something that warrant aborting of the backup. For example, inaccessible file is of a former kind and a network share disappearing is of the latter.

This has been a part of the app's logic from the very beginning, but for some unknown reason it didn't extend to the Scanning phases. Meaning that if a network share would disappear while it was scanned, the app would just proceed with the backup. This, in itself, wasn't a big issue unless the backup was done _from_ a network and this share disconnected part way through the scan. This would yield an incomplete source tree and then the app would decide that the missing items were deleted, so it would proceed to archive respective items on the destination end. Obviously, not something it should be doing. It just had to abort the backup.

So now it does just that.

If you are running backups FROM a network share, the update is strongly recommended. Otherwise, it's optional.

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