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path too old

pavel5 :

Mar 29, 2015

programs causing path too old error because of folders like archive of deleted items
can you shorten it?

Alex Pankratov :

Mar 29, 2015

I take Windows Explorer complains that it's "too long" rather than "too old". It's possible to shorten both the archive folder name (to something like just "$Archive") and the "(deleted on xxx at yyy)" tags that are attached to the deleted items. What version of the app are you running?

pavel5 :

Mar 31, 2015

yes i meant too long
it was 72.2
did update now

Alex Pankratov :

Apr 04, 2015

If you'd like to just access an item in archive on a one-off basis, then you can pick one of its (grand-)parent folders and temporarily Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V it to the root of the drive, do your thing and then move it back where it was.

For the permanent solution though you will need to shorten the paths of items in the $Archive folder. There are two options.


First is to shorten the actual archive folder name.

1.  Exit the app, make sure its processes disappears from the Processes tab of Task Manager

2. Make your way to %LocalAppData%\Bvckup2\engine directory. There you'll see folders named backup-00xx, one per configured backup job. In each folder there'll be settings.ini file - that's the full config of respective job.

3. For the job in question open settings.ini in Notepad. Find the following line -

        conf.archive           $Archive of Deleted Items (Bvckup)

and change it to something like -

        conf.archive           $Archive

Save the changes, exit Notepad.

4. Now go into your destination folder and rename

        $Archive of Deleted Items (Bvckup)




The second option is shorten the tag that is appended to archived items. This is controlled by "conf.archive_deleted_tag" entry in settings.ini, BUT changing it will have a couple of side-effects.

First is that it will effectively prevent already archived items from being processed by the archive trimming procedure (which deletes archived items older than N weeks).

Second is that the change will apply only to the items that are archived after the change. All existing items in the archive will, obviously, remain with their current tags.


This all said, newer versions of the app already default to just "$Archive (Bvckup 2)" as the archive folder name and " ($date, $time)" as the archived item tag. So if you are to create a new job, this is what it will use. For existing jobs though, you will need to apply one of the above fixes.

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