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Backing up / restoring app's own configuration

Jun 01, 2015

To create a backup of app's own configuration you have three options.

Menu / Help / Export Configuration

Starting with Release 74 it's possible to save app's settings (including all configured backups) in a single .zip file.

See 3rd section in the first post in this thread for details -

Alternatively, see here -

Create a dedicated backup job

You will need to add a backup job with the source set to


destination - to some folder of your choice and the Backup Details section configured as follows -

Also, make sure to set the job to either manual or periodic backup, but not to the real-time one, because latter will cause the job to run continuously as it will trigger itself in a loop.

Enable a self-backup option

To have configuration replicated in real-time you may rely on a self-backup option instead, which basically causes the app to write a copy of each config file into a secondary location every time the principal config file is touched.

See this topic for details -

Manually copy the configuration files

For a one-time backup you can also just copy main configuration files by hand. In particular, you need to make a copy of the following files:


    %LocalAppData%\Bvckup2\engine\backup-00 ...\settings.ini


Jun 01, 2015

Restoring app's configuration from a backup

This is a simple matter of

1. Shutting down the app
2. Copying the contents of the backup to %LocalAppData%\Bvckup2
3. Starting the app again

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