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CharlesMTF :

Oct 01, 2015

The Personal License... the $19.95 cost... is that yearly? Or, is that a one-time fee, and I'll always get updates?

Second... if I later buy a new computer, can I deactivate the license on the old computer and reactivate on the new computer?

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 02, 2015

One time cost, all maintenance Bvckup 2 releases included.

Yes, you can. At the moment you will need to send a brief email to support and we'll sort you out. A bit later on will be automating this part.

FrancK :

Nov 18, 2015

Hi Alex,
Today I'm using a backup solution based on PowerShell Scripts/Scheduled Tasks/Robocopy. This works quite well but your software is awesome and provides advanced features with simplicity.

If I buy the license for Bvckup 2 does-it apply for the next version? If not do you plan a discount plan for existing licensed users?

NB : I didn't find a roadmap for Bvckup 3.

Alex Pankratov :

Nov 18, 2015

Hi FrancK,

You get an access to all Bvckup 2 releases. There are two major features that are outstanding - SMART monitoring and backup verification. Once these two are in, V2 will be feature-complete and will go into maintenance mode.

Then, if all goes as planned, Bvckup 3 will extend V2 with full file versioning - Naturally, V2 users will get a discounted (upgrade) pricing for V3 if/when they want to switch to it.

FrancK :

Nov 19, 2015

Thanks Alex for the explanation. Keep going, your software rocks!

debaashispradhan :

Dec 23, 2015


Is there a discount coupon code that I can use to buy now?


Alex Pankratov :

Dec 24, 2015

There's none.

Discounts have always been tied to major app updates , but they were in tune of 10-15% and short-lived. The next release is scheduled for mid- to late January, but I'm not sure we are going to continue with this practice.

LisaSimpson :

Dec 31, 2015

Can you please tell me what the procedure is for activating my licence on a new computer?

Alex Pankratov :

Jan 04, 2016

(sorted out by email)

glsalazar :

Jan 05, 2016

I own a Desktop PC, laptop and tablet. Do I need to purchase a separate license for each? Do you have a multi license offering?

Froggie :

Jan 05, 2016

glsalazar, see below...

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