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Jul 18, 2016


Bvckup 2 uses text INI files to store its configuration and its state. It also accepts INI files as command line arguments for scripted installation and similar scenarios.

What follows is a description of general INI file format.

For details on which INI files are used by the app see this post instead -


An INI file is a basic text file, each line containing a single setting in key-value format, e.g.     Bvckup 2

More formally, the key-value syntax is as follows:

        WS*  <key>  WS+  (<value>|"<value>")  WS*  (LF|CRLF)

whereby WS is white space, i.e. space or tab, * stands for "0 or more", + stands for "1 or more" and | stands for "or".

Translated to English this means:

⦁    Lines can be separated by LF ("\n") or CRLF ("\r\n"), the app understands both options. CRLF is preferable, because it makes the INI editable in Notepad, so that's what the app uses when it writes an INI.

⦁    All white space in front and at the end of a line is ignored.

⦁    Key part is terminated with a whitespace (a space or a tab).

⦁    Value part starts at first non-whitespace character after the <key>.

⦁    If you ever need to specify a value that starts or ends with a space,
      you can put it double quotes. Quotes are stripped with the value
      is parsed. This means that the following 3 lines define the same
      key-value pair:

     Bvckup 2
                           Bvckup 2
         "Bvckup 2"

⦁    Blank lines and lines starting with # are ignored.

⦁    Keys that define elements of a _list_ (or an array) of values will append
      their value to the list. To clear the list, specify just the key itself, with no

That's it.

Jul 18, 2016

Editing app's INI files

Very important, please pay attention.

To edit an INI file that is used by Bvckup 2 you will first need to exit the app. This includes stopping bvckup2 service if the app's running in a service mode. This is needed because Bvckup 2 reads INI files only once - on launch - and it also writes them out while it is running and on exit.

Meaning, that if you are to edit an INI file while the app is running, not only your changes will be ignored, they will also be discarded.

Consider this a little barrier to try and filter out people who shouldn't be messing with INI files to begin with :)

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