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WARNING! Installation of Windows 10 “Anniversary Edition” (1607) will REMOVE Bvckup 2 from your computer!

dkatzmadison :

Sep 23, 2016

Yesterday I ran the upgrade to Windows 10 to the “Anniversary Edition”.  When I tried to run Bvckup 2 – it was GONE.  Not only from the Start Menu – but from the Program Files folder as well!  I had to find a copy of the folder containing this program from a backup set in order to get it back.
Microsoft support has been uncooperative to say the least about this.  They claim the upgrade deletes the program because “this 3rd party software is “incompatible with the new version of Windows 10”.  That is a lie.  The program is running right now as I write this creating a new backup of my Drive C now that I have put Bvckup 2 back where it belongs.

If this happens to you:

1. Using Windows Explorer, do a search for “bvckup 2” on all drives connected to your computer to locate a copy of this folder in a backup set or archive folder.  

2. Copy this folder back to C:\Program Files\.

3. Open up C:\Program Files\Bvckup 2 and right click the “bvckup2” executable file.  (Note – there is no space before the “2” in this file name).

4. Select “create shortcut” from the popup menu.

5. Drag a copy of this shortcut to your desktop.

Note:  You will have to run this program from your desktop shortcut from now on.  (Another “enhancement feature” of the new version of Windows 10 is that it is almost impossible to manually add third party software shortcuts to the Start Menu).

FWIW – Microsoft’s actions in this regard may possibly be a violation of U.S. Federal antitrust and fair trade laws. (Only a lawyer can tell for sure).  In my opinion the automatic deletion of Bvckup 2 from the Program Files folder is theft of the end user’s property and an action designed to give Microsoft an unfair advantage over a third party competitor.

Alex Pankratov :

Sep 23, 2016

Apparently, it's a known problem that affects a lot of software and that manifests itself very inconsistently:

That is, one some machines W10 updates may remove *these* programs, on others they may remove *those*, but leave former in tact. In fact it sometimes goes as far as removing WHQL certified storage device drivers, which is just plain stupid.


The remedy is to just reinstall removed apps from scratch. For Bvckup 2 this means getting an installer package from and running it.

peteryork :

Sep 28, 2016

Windows 10 update deleted my version of Bvckup2 too. But if I follow your link Norton says "We recommend not using this file unless you know its safe" and recommends removal. What is going on??!!

Alex Pankratov :

Sep 28, 2016

That would be one of the good old Norton false positives, for which it is quite famous for. You may want to report it to them if they give you that option.

Here's a cumulative scan report from 50+ antivirus scanners, including Norton (under its "Symantec" name) - - zero warnings.

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 03, 2016

Also, this might be worth giving a quick read:

Basically, Microsoft now says that it wasn't a "free upgrade to Windows 10" after all, but rather an "upgrade to a free version of it". Surprise.

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