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ProcessReparsePoint() failed with 80000018

paulw :

Nov 04, 2016


I am trialling Bvckup 2 on a Windows 10 Professional 64bit desktop and encountering this problem on ~36K files.

I know what the Reparse Points are and could not find that type specifically mentioned (here or the the web) but just letting you know that maybe this is a new type for Bvckup 2 to handle, one way or another.

Random sample of the errors suggest they are all related to my installed version of Docker, with them all being ProgramData\docker\windowsfilter\<id>\Files\...

Curiously my shoehorned version of Ghost 15 apparently didn't baulk at it when it backed up last night. It has probably ignored it. I can't check right now because it's in the middle of an extensive (and slow) restore. The reason why I'm looking for an alternative :-)


Alex Pankratov :

Nov 04, 2016


0x80000018 is a Microsoft own reparse tag (as it has the highest bit set) and it stands for IO_REPARSE_TAG_WCI. However what WCI is I don't know.

You can tell bvckup2 to either ignore these items or treat them as regular files/folders by adding one of the following lines to settings.ini for the job in question:

    conf.scanning.rp_to_ignore.f     80000018
    conf.scanning.rp_to_ignore.d    80000018

-- OR --

    conf.scanning.rp_as_normal.f   80000018
    conf.scanning.rp_as_normal.d  80000018


    rp_to_ignore is for ignoring
    rp_as_normal is for treating as a regular item

    .f is to apply to file entries
    .d is to apply to directories

To make the INI change - right-click on the job in main window, select Open folder > Configuration & Logging, exit the app, edit settings.ini as needed and launch the app. If you don't exit the program, your changes to the INI will be ignored and overwritten.

Based on what you see on your end - should these be ignored or processed? What should be the default?

paulw :

Nov 04, 2016

Thanks for the quick reply.

Windows Container Image perhaps(?). Not mentioned directly but some vaguey relevant discussion here (NTFS & Union File System)

Even though most of them are technically ephemeral files, some are more permanent than others and I can't readily tell which is which. So I will opt for caution. I have a large Windows share to copy them to (backed by a ZFS  volume), so it's not a problem.

It's winding it's way through 3M steps and has just finished creating the directory structure so it will be sometime before I can try.

Very neat program.


paulw :

Nov 05, 2016

I had to reboot earlier because the parallel Ghost restore had become problematic. (btw Ghost appeared to have processed the directories and only a handful of files. I'm not  going to worry about it though)

Took the opportunity to make the config change and now the errors have gone with a log entry noting that the reparse points will be kept.


Alex Pankratov :

Nov 06, 2016

Ok, thanks for the follow-up. I'll put in a respective default then. Just to confirm, these were a _file_ reparse points, correct?

paulw :

Nov 10, 2016

I had subsequent errors with the backup (multiple error 1920), so I ended up disabling them both. Only then did I get backups with no errors.

conf.scanning.rp_to_ignore.d                       80000018
conf.scanning.rp_to_ignore.f                       80000018


Commander238 :

Jul 30, 2018

WCI = Windows Container Isolation,
wcifs.sys = Windows Container Isolation Filesystem Filter Driver,
Provides a virtual filesystem view for processes running within Windows Containers.

I encountered the IO_REPARSE_TAG_WCI inside my Spotify App cache (Windows 10). It was a file reparse point.

Alex Pankratov :

Jul 30, 2018

Yep, thanks. The default for WCI was put in around Release 77 and it was set to "ignore".

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