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Retrying on errors

Nov 14, 2016

As of release 79 the app includes support for pausing and retrying
file system requests when running into errors.

See for screenshots and some
background information.

The default

The default is to retry 20 times 15 seconds apart, but the list of retryable errors depends on the phase of backup.

In the scanning phase the program will retry for every error except for "access denied".

In the backup phase the program will retry on network-related errors only. More specifically:

    53       ERROR_BAD_NETPATH
    58       ERROR_BAD_NET_RESP
    59       ERROR_UNEXP_NET_ERR

Customizing retrying behavior

It is possible to change both the pause/retry counts and the error list. These settings are configured at the engine level and shared between all backup jobs.

The following two INI entries control the attempt number and the pause interval for a backup job:

     errors.exec.retry.count         7
     errors.exec.retry.pause        650 ms

This example sets 7 retries (so it's 8 in total), 650 ms apart. The 'pause' is in a "<count> <time-units>" format , whereby time-units are us, ms, sec, min, hour, etc.

The error list is configured as such:

     errors.exec.retry.inclusive    1
     errors.exec.retry.error          123
     errors.exec.retry.error          456

This will retry on all errors ("inclusively") except for 123 and 456.


     errors.exec.retry.inclusive    0
     errors.exec.retry.error          123
     errors.exec.retry.error          456
     errors.exec.retry.error          789

will retry on 123, 456 and 789 errors only.

Making the changes

These settings live in Bvckup2\engine\bvckup2-engine.ini file. To locate it right-click on any backup job, select Open Folder > "Configuration and Logging" and go one level up.

Make sure to completely shut down the program before making any changes to the ini file, because all ini files are read only at-launch and they are periodically re-created during the run-time and on exit.

matt-wilkie :

Sep 13, 2019

This also works on USB connected drives, see

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