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GUI Backup Job - Description error with name using &

MWorthington :

Nov 25, 2016

Hi Alex,

I wondered why some of my job description names were truncated ...

D - P Backup 2 P&V  (Scheduled) appearing as D - P Backup 2 P&V  (Sched...

It's the & character!


Alex Pankratov :

Nov 25, 2016

Woah, nice catch, Mark!

& is a special character as far as Windows text rendering system is concerned, because it was (and still is) used to add an underscore to the letter that follow it, which is in turn used for showing accelarator/shortcuts in menus, buttons and other UI controls.

I'll have a look what's up with that.

MWorthington :

Nov 25, 2016


Yeah, it can be troublesome in the web world, but I seem to get away with it in a Windows PC environment.

MWorthington :

Dec 06, 2016

Christmas come early again! Thanks :)

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