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Cloning details of the top-level folder

May 26, 2017

As of 77.6 Bvckup 2 can be set to clone attributes, timestamps and/or security information (owner, groups, DACL, SACL) of the top-level source folder.

        The semantics of the feature changed in 77.9, so if you are
        running releases 77.6 - 77.8, please update to a newer one
        first and then read on.


The feature works by extending

        Backup Settings > More Options > Copy Also

preferences to the top-level folder. By default, "Copy Also" selection applies only to the items _in_ the selected pair of Source / Backup locations, but not to the locations themselves.

This is an opt-in feature. Enabling it requires adding the following override to the job's settings:

        conf.copy_extras.include_root        1

For instructions on how to add an override see here -


A caveat here is that if either location happens to be a root of a drive, then timestamps and attributes are not cloned, simply because a drive root doesn't have this meta information.

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