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Grouping jobs into scheduling queues

May 26, 2017

Starting with 77.6 it's possible to arrange backup jobs into queues for scheduling purposes.

Jobs on the same queue are always executed one by one on first come, first served basis. In comparison, all _queues_ are processed in parallel.

For example, if we have jobs A and B assigned to queue Q1 and jobs C and D assigned to Q2, and we run them all manually, then

    A will be run immediately, B will be queued and run once A completes
    C will be run immediately, D will be queued and run once C completes


If a job is not assigned to a queue (which is a default case), then its scheduling is controlled by

    Menu > Options > Preferences > Enable Concurrent Backups setting

If enabled, all jobs are executed immediately. Otherwise they are added to a central queue called "Default" and executed one by one.


Queues are identified by their names and they are created by simply adding a job to them. Queue names are case-sensitive, but otherwise there are no restrictions. If you want to call one "    " (that is 4 spaces), you are welcome to do that.

To assign a job to a queue, set the following line in job's settings.ini:

        conf.queue_name    Fubar123

This will assign the job to a queue called "Fubar123".


For instructions on how to edit settings.ini see this post -

Doequer :

Jun 03, 2017

I just tried it, and it is working rightly so far. But there was a little issue after I added two jobs to a same queue: their "description" titles were deleted.

Luckily enough, I had a settings' backup file, which already included those jobs, so I simply copied and paste their names out of it.

By the way, would be good to have the specific backup jobs' numbers showed somewhere into the main program's interface, so they can be quickly identified and matched to those in the "engine" folder.

mihai :

Jun 04, 2017

but can i have multiple source/destinations for one job ?
I want to have daily backups for one for all 7 days of the week for 3 folders, now i have to have 7*3 = 21 backup jobs to get this done -- is there any easy-er way to do this ?

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 05, 2017

their "description" titles were deleted.

Can you reproduce this by any chance? This makes very little sense from the code perspective.

would be good to have the specific backup jobs' numbers showed somewhere into the main program's interface

I don't think it's a good thing to display in the UI as very few people need this. Besides, you'd typically need to get into the folder with the ini file, so "Right-click > Open Folder > Configuration & Logging" will do just that.

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 05, 2017

but can i have multiple source/destinations for one job ?

How is this related to the topic subject in any way?

Still, the answer for "multiple sources" is "no", for "multiple destinations" is "no if all at the same time", "yes if in rotation", e.g.

Doequer :

Jun 06, 2017

Well, it took me a few hours since yesterday till a few moments ago, but I finally was able to find the culprit of that weird behavior. The thing goes like this:

Although the test jobs I have are still working fine, some of them have a let's say "latent" bug, which wouldn't be triggered/evidenced insofar as that specific "conf.queue_name" is altered. So, after I modified said value from two of the test jobs, their titles were deleted in the next program's restart. In that situation, the only way of returning the job's titles is through the program itself, since they will be deleted again if that's done via the settings files; and they will remain present, provided the value isn't altered again.

The root of the problem seems to be an exclusion rule, which is added by default by the program itself, in those jobs were the "Include everything" option is selected. Such exclusion rule isn't wrong per se, rather the particular path it adopts when used in non-English systems is the real cause. So, I noted that those two jobs have present exclusion paths like this:

"C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Configuración local\Datos de programa\Bvckup2\"

As you may guess, the accented "o" from the "Configuración" word is the determining "activation" factor for the subsequent "job's title deletion" bug, which will be finally triggered if the "conf.queue_name" parameter gets changed.

Respect the jobs' numbers being showed somewhere within the program's main GUI, as you say it is really not a crucial feature to have, but back then when the jobs' title were gone, it would have been easier to me to identify them right away between all the test jobs within the configuration backup file, without having to necessarily look into each one settings. But it's not big deal really.

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 07, 2017


What happens is that bvckup2 writes out UTF8 encoded INI files, but it doesn't add a byte-order mark [1] at the beginning of INI files. So when such INI is opened in, say, Notepad, it sees an UTF8-encoded string and automatically adds the BOM.

BOM goes in front of the file, so it effectively ends up being prepended to "conf._description" line and it turns the entry name into "%BOM%conf._description" => the line becomes invalid and it is ignored when the INI is loaded => the description gets lost.

Will fix this in the next maintenance release. Thanks for the detective work, it could've not been any more helpful!


Doequer :

Jun 07, 2017

Thanks for the explanation to that weird behavior. I just realized that there were three invalid exclusion paths in some jobs, and that they were included by default each time a new job was created, if rules applied to them. They were these ones:

def_filters                                        0 00000010 00000010 C:\DOCUME~1\Admin\CONFIG~1\Temp
def_filters                                        0 00000010 00000010 C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Configuración local\Datos de programa\Bvckup2\
def_filters                                        0 00000010 00000010 C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Datos de programa\Bvckup2

The one including the accented word triggering the aforementioned title's deletion issue, but all of them shouldn't even exist at all, since I'm using the program in a English language Windows 7. It seems they kept into the "bvckup2-engine.ini" file since the times when I was using the program on a Spanish Windows XP system.

Now I'm wondering if isn't there any mechanism the program could use, how to detect the presence of these kind of invalid paths and thus warn the user accordingly? If I remember correctly, I already saw there is some warning messages telling about the presence of "malformed" rules into the jobs' settings, but as far I can see, it isn't showed at all because invalid paths like those outdated ones.

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 12, 2017

Hmm. Good catch, let me see if we can add a bit of code to re-validate and clean these up as needed.

Alex Pankratov :

Aug 30, 2017

Both UTF8 BOM and default rules issues are now resolved as a part of R78.

justbackmeup :

Sep 25, 2017

If I have Job1 backing up LocationA to LocationB, and Job2 backing up LocationB to LocationC, will Bvckup have issues if both jobs happen to try to work with the same file at the same time (eg, a file being updated on LocationB while it is also being copied, by Job2 to LocationC)?

Is it possible to assign jobs to multiple Queues? One of my jobs is already assigned to an unrelated queue (though I suppose I could assign the other to the same queue if necessary).

It did occur to me after writing all the above that for now I can just change Job2 to run from LocationA to LocationC (which I think I originally didn't do because I didn't want to have to define my exclusions 2x, particularly since they will sometimes need to be updated). But I'm still curious about the above questions for future reference.

Alex Pankratov :

Sep 25, 2017

Nothing in the program itself prevents this sort of scheduling, but you may run into issues when BC job is processing a file that wasn't processed by AB yet.

No, it's not possible.

justbackmeup :

Sep 25, 2017

Okay, thanks.

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