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Sep 13, 2017


Timestamp Clamper allows resetting file and folder timestamps that fall outside of specified time range.

In particular, it can be used to reset timestamps that are so far in the past (or in the future) that they are not supported by the file system of the backup device. As a result these timestamps cannot be correctly replicated from source to the backup and this will cause source and backup copies to _appear_ to be out of sync as they timestamps won't match. This in turn will cause Bvckup 2 to needlessly re-copy these files on the next run.


1.  Select a folder to process
2.  Select which timestamps to check
3.  Specify target time range.

4.a  Press Preview to do a simulated run.
4.b  Press Process to do it for real.

Timestamps that are earlier/later than the range start/end time will be replaced by the latter. Timestamps on both files and folders are checked.

Preview  vs  Process

Preview is exactly the same as Process, except it skips issuing "set timestamps" requests when out-of-range timestamps are found.

The log

The log shows files/folders that have out-of-range timestamps and any errors encountered when scanning or setting new timestamps.

The log is copy-paste'able.

Sep 13, 2017

Latest release

License:   Freeware
Size:          85KB

Version:   1.0
Date:        Sep 13, 2017

No installation required - download and run.

soylent :

Sep 20, 2017

Just curious, which filesystems have issues with timestamps?

Alex Pankratov :

Sep 20, 2017

It's not that they have issues with _timestamps_ per se.

It's that different file systems have different timestamp _ranges_ that they support. NTFS times can go as far back as 1600-01-01, but the FAT family only supports 1980-01-01 and onward. Meaning that there are NTFS timestamps that cannot be cloned onto a FAT-based storage.

soylent :

Sep 20, 2017

Oh nice! I can finally back up my 17th century documents :)

opeter :

Sep 20, 2017

Thank you, that is what I needed!

For whatever reason, I have some images (24 files), that have such dates: 1971, 1973 and cannot be changed... and Bvckup says, this is an error. I get SetFileTime() failder with 87.

Now I will try to fix these nasty dates. :)

highend :

Oct 02, 2017

Which programming language was used to create Timestamp Clamper?

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 02, 2017

C++ ... though rather light on the ++ features, so it's more of C with classes, some inheritance and a bit of templates.

tenpintaker :

Oct 26, 2017

Having used Bvckup for years I am now coming across problems.  I am getting 'Error: access denied' When I check the error I see 'SetFileTime' no numbers included.  I have tried the above fix to no avail.  When run it shows no errors or fixes. Any ideas?

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 26, 2017

Please forward the following info to

1. What are your source and destination devices?
2. A copy of "Running the backup" > "Preparing" > "Deducing changes" > "File system information" block from the backup log (right-click on "File system information" line and select "Copy block to clipboard")
3. A copy of related entry that generates the error - same as above, via right-click on the "Updating xyz... " line

I'll have a look.

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