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Nov 04, 2019


In the weeks leading up to a release of the next major version we will now be posting internal development builds to the "preview" update channel.

These builds are meant to let anyone interested to kick the tires of what's coming and to allow us to see how the new version behaves outside our test environment.

Pre-release quality

All pre-releases are of production quality, with no known issues, but they may have some wrinkles and they may also not have all planned features implemented yet.

All efforts are made to not flip-flop on any new features that were already shipped in earlier pre-releases, but it's best to assume that all new stuff you see in a pre-release is still a subject to change.

Pre-release lifespans

All pre-releases have their lifespan capped at about 3 months, counting from the day they were assembled. This is done to reduce the number of half-baked versions floating around.

Once expired, a pre-release will start disabling backup jobs after they are run, aiming to annoy everyone into updating to a newer version.

Pre-release versions

All pre-releases will have 99 in their version, e.g.,, etc., and they will be under the *current* major release rather than the one they are actually previewing. For example, is an R81 pre-release.

Reporting problems

If a pre-release runs into an issue and you get the "Something happened" message, please DO submit a crash report.

If you spot something that looks wrong or that might need some TLC, make a post here. Any ideas or suggestions that you may have - post them too. The more the better.
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