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Getting a pre-release build

Nov 04, 2019

To get a pre-release

Pre-releases are distributed via the "preview" update channel, so getting one simply involves changing your channel and pulling down an update:

⦁    Make sure you are running 80.6 or newer
⦁    Hold Ctrl down, select Menu > Help > "Set update channel"
⦁    Enter "preview", click "Set"
⦁    Menu > Help > "Check for updates"

See for a richly illustrated guide.

To go back to the mainstream version

⦁    Clear the channel name (set it to blank)
⦁    Check for updates

You will get a DOWNGRADE prompt showing the exact version you will be going back to. Do that.

On the first run after a downgrade you may see messages in the log referring to unrecognized configuration entries. This is normal.

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