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Nov 04, 2019


The central new feature in Release 81 is its support for parallel backup execution - an ability to execute multiple backup steps at once.

Parallel execution

Prior to R81, the file system scan and file ID retrieval were already done
in a parallel fashion, using several threads.

Release 81 extends this behavior to all phases of backup, allowing the program to execute all suitable operations in parallel with each other.

If you are familiar with the /mt switch of robocopy, it's a similar idea, but with automatic thread count management and several other important improvements.

Use cases

In practical terms, parallel execution results in a *very* noticeable speed increase in the following cases:

⦁    Backups with a lot of small- to medium-sized files
⦁    Backups that require creating a large number of folder
⦁    Backups that require deleting a large number of folders or files
⦁    Backups that "touch" a lot of folders

For a bit of anecdotal data see here -


Parallel execution is enabled by default with the thread count set to the number of CPUs for local backups and to the double of that for network backups.

To set the thread count to some fixed custom value use the following override -

        conf.exec.threads   <thread-count>

See for how to do this.


Pre-release and newer.

Nov 11, 2019

Pre-release 80.99.2

⦁    Fixed an issue with handling failures when _retrying_ a backup of a
      _new_ file.

      More specifically, if a new file appears at source, the backup is run and
      it fails with a retryable error mid-copying. For example, a network
      connection goes away. This will cause the program to retry the copying
      after a pause. If this retry would also fail with an error, then bvckup2
      would pop up the "something is wrong" message and shut down.

Nov 13, 2019

Pre-release 80.99.3

⦁    Fixed an issue with the retrying mechanism panicking when the last
      attempt fails. There was an invalid self-consistency check (an assert),
      which is as ironic as it gets. A bug in a bug checking code.

Nov 14, 2019

Pre-release 80.99.4

⦁    Fixed a crashing issue with the archive trimming code that surfaced
      every time an archive scan would identify and remove expired items.

Dec 03, 2019

Pre-release 80.99.5

⦁    Reworked retrying logic that is used to re-execute failed steps in a
      presence of transient errors (e.g. network disconnects). This also
      fixed an issue that caused self-inflicted crashes in cases when
      copying of a _new_ file succeeded after several attempts.

⦁    Reworked logging module to report step info as it's being executed
      IF this step happens to be the only one active and no other steps are
      being scheduled until it completes.

      This happens when bvckup2 is backing up a very large file, at which
      point it will finish all other active steps, but won't queue any new ones.
      This is done to allow the bulk copying to proceed in peace if you will.

      Prior to 99.5 all step-specific info was recorded into a backup log only
      after the step finished. However if there's exactly one step in progress
      we can dump its progress into log as we go - which is exactly what 99.5

Dec 05, 2019

Pre-release 80.99.6

⦁    Fixed an invalid self-consistency check in the logging module that
      caused 99.5 to shut down with "Something happened" message.

      This was caused by change #2 in 99.5.

Dec 18, 2019

Pre-release 80.99.7

⦁    Added support for working with live files. See here for details -

      This feature is configured with the following per-job override:

              conf.scanning.src.requery_meta    <file-name-pattern>

      For example,

              conf.scanning.src.requery_meta    *.txt
              conf.scanning.src.requery_meta    123*

      will force the program to double-check size and timestamps for
      files with .txt extension and files with names starting with 123.
      See for how to add
      an override.

⦁    Fixed a rare logging issue that caused the program to exit with the
      "Something happened" message.

Dec 29, 2019

Pre-release 80.99.8

⦁    Fixed another issue with handling a successful backup of a new file
      after running into a retryable error.

Jan 20, 2020

Pre-release 80.99.9

⦁    Fixed an issue with an incorrect logging level when failing to update
      meta of a directory (the "Updating directory" operation)

⦁    + All changes from the mainstream 80.9 release

Feb 24, 2020

Pre-release 80.99.11

⦁    Another pass over the retrying-on-errors logic. Apparently, a network
      hiccup may not necessarily kill _all_ active operations. Sometimes it can
      cause just some of them to error out, while the rest will keep on going.

⦁    + All changes from the mainstream 80.10 and .11 releases

There was no 80.99.10 release.

Mar 02, 2020

Pre-release 80.99.12

⦁    Added UI support for configuring multi-threaded backup execution.

      New Processing section:

      The same expanded:

      Additional details:

⦁    Reworked all UI animations to use FPS-based sequencing. Previously,
      animation used the "run for X ms using Y steps". X and Y were hand-
      coded and because of that the frames-per-second value (FPS) was all
      over the place. With this release there's now a single global FPS value
      for all animations and another for all fade-ins and fade-outs.

⦁    Resolved (hopefully the last) issue with the retrying logic - there was a
      race condition in the code that preemptively cancelled queued, but not
      yet executed steps when the program ran into a retryable error.

Mar 09, 2020

Pre-release 80.99.13

⦁    Fixed an issue with program closing down when needing to trim the
      $Archive. Trimming is also done in multi-threaded (parallel) fashion
      now, but it was done _before_ the parallel execution was configured.
      No config => no way to trim => whoops.

      Kudos to Greg for the traces.

⦁    Fixed an issue with overly strict self-consistency check in the retrying
      code. Had to do with retrying the backup of _new_ files. If this sort of
      operation was queued and then cancelled due to other steps failing
      (e.g. because the network connection went down), then in some cases
      the program would panic by seeing a new-copy step in a retry state.

Apr 18, 2020

Pre-release 80.99.14

⦁    Added an option of waking up computer to run scheduled backups.

⦁    Added an option of password-protecting UI access in service mode.

⦁    Internal changes to handle licensing-related cases due to upgrading
      to a new major release (once this preview turns into R81).

⦁    Reworked Basic-to-Pro upgrade flow to be simpler - click on the link,
      pay up, come back in the app, click on Refresh license. Done.

⦁    Slimmed down the uninstaller by 10K. Simply by _not_ using standard
      library to convert integers into their hex string form.

⦁    Fixed uninstaller to remove all Task Scheduler auto-start entries (as
      different versions created them in slightly different formats).

⦁    Fixed (hopefully the final) issue with retrying logic.

+    Any accumulated changes from recent R80 versions.
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