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Oct 09, 2020


Here's a short list of things that Release 82 will focus on:

⦁    Validation and verification.

      This has to do with ensuring consistency of the backups both while
      they are being touched (created/updated) and while they are at rest.
      The goal is to detect the incidents of data rot in all its forms.

⦁    Support for grouping backup jobs in the UI.

      This has been a _very_ long time coming. It's a complicated feature
      if done properly (e.g. with an intuitive drag and drop support). Also
      looking at other options, including introduce a separate "compact"
      view for setups with a lot of jobs.

⦁    I/O bandwidth control, an option to throttle read/write rates.

⦁    New $Archive structure that doesn't require appending timestamps
      to the file and folder names.

⦁    UI support for archiving _modified_ files.

⦁    UI support for configuring advanced options and overrides.

Some items are done, some are in testing/tweaking, some are progress. Pre-release builds will ship with what's reasonably ready once it's ready.

Oct 09, 2020

Pre-release 81.99.1

⦁    Added support for write verification during file copying.

      See for details.

⦁    Added Blake3 and xxHash3 as new hashing options in delta copier.

      These are also new defaults for all jobs created with R82 releases.
      Existing jobs will continue using Blake2b and xxHash2, which are
      still plenty fast for SSDs and even NVMe drives. It's basically a
      proactive, forward-looking change in defaults.

      One of upcoming smaller features will be the hash benchmark.
      Stay tuned for details.
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