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"The software" is a version of Bvckup 2 software. "The company" is IO Bureau SA (formerly Pipemetrics SA), the developer and publisher of the software.

Beta version

We make the last version of the software from the beta testing cycle available for download and use free of charge.

This version dates back to April 2014, it receives no updates or bugfixes and we provide no technical support for it.

Production versions

The actively developed and supported version of the software is referred to as a "production release" and it is a paid product.

An installation of a production release can be used without a license for 2 weeks of a trial period. The software is not restricted in any way during the trial and all backups created during the trial will remain accessible after it is over.

Once the trial period is over the software must either be licensed or removed for the host system. Additionally, the software will disable several of its secondary functions until a valid license is in place.

Licenses and activation

An installation is licensed by purchasing an activation code from the company and then using the code to request an installation-specific license. This is referred to as "activation" and the process can be completed either directly from within the software, via the company's website or over email.

Licenses are bound to a handful of computer and operating system parameters. If you reinstall the operating system or if you perform certain hardware changes, the license will no longer match the installation and it will need to be re-activated. If and when this happens, the software will issue a message to that effect.


An activation code can be used to license exactly one installation of the software. If you have the software installed on more than one system, each of them will need to be licensed with a separate activation code.

Licenses can be moved from one system to another. For licenses of certain types it is also possible to deactivate them and recover their activation credits. For details, see here.


Activation codes are made available for immediate pick-up after completing the purchase and they are also included in a email receipt.

All sales are final and non-refundable. Commercial invoices are provided.

License types

There are two principal license types (Basic and Pro) and two varieties of a Pro license (For Workstation and For Windows Server). Licenses differ in software features, technical support and supported OS types.

For detailed license comparison see here.

Additionally, two legacy license types - Personal and Professional - are recognized and honored by the software. These licenses differ in permitted use, whereby Personal licenses are restricted to processing personal data on one's personal home computer for non-commercial purposes only. Professional licenses are provided for all types of use.

Software updates

The program is actively developed and updated versions are released on a regular basis. Program updates fall into two categories.

Upgrades (also referred to as feature updates) are major releases that introduce significant new features and improvements.

Patches (also referred to as maintenance updates) are minor releases that resolve known issues and include smaller improvements.

Major releases are identified by their release number, e.g. Release 80, Release 81, etc. Minor releases are revisions of a respective major release and they are identified as Release 80.1, Release 80.2, etc.

For a complete list of program releases to date see here.

Accessing software updates

Access to maintenance updates for a currently installed major release is provided for all installations, free of charge. That is, any installation running a 80.x release can be updated to another release from the 80 series.

Access to upgrade releases for Pro-licensed installations is provided through the Pro Support option as described below.

Access to upgrade releases for Basic-licensed installations is provided for the first two weeks after activation only. Basic license, essentially, buys a specific major release, with a provision to upgrade to a newer release if it comes out shortly after.

Pro support

Pro support is a maintenance package that enables access to software upgrades and email-based priority technical support.

One year of Pro support is included with every Pro license.

After a year, Pro support can be extended for another year for a fee.

Extending Pro support is entirely optional and it is not automated. An email reminder will be sent several weeks prior to the expiry date, followed by an email notice of expiry if Pro support does in fact expire.

If Pro support is not renewed, it will not be possible to upgrade the installation to any new major releases published after the expiry of the support package.

End-user licensing agreement

The following is a copy of the licensing agreement included in every production distribution of the program. By installing and using the program you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


The software is provided "as is" with no explicit or implied warranties in respect of its properties, including, but not limited to, correctness and/or fitness for purpose.


You acknowledge and agree to bear the inherent risk associated with using the data processing software, the risk that may result in a complete or partial data loss and/or data corruption.


You agree to not hold the company, its employees and owners responsible for any damages that may result from using the software. Additionally, you agree not to recover from the company any damages, including consequential, lost profits, special, indirect or incidental damages.


You are hereby granted a non-exclusive perpetual license to use an accompanying production version of the software for its primary purpose free of charge for the duration of the evaluation period of 14 days.


In order to continue using the software after the end of evaluation period you are required to purchase and install a production license for your installation. Until the license is installed, the software will continue to function, but several secondary functions will be disabled. The integrity and accessibility of your backups will not be affected.

Current list of licensing options is available on the Purchase page.


You cannot repackage the software.
You cannot alter or modify the software.
You cannot create derivative works from the software.
You cannot rent, lease, lend or sell the software.
You cannot transfer granted license to a third party.

Made by IO Bureau in Switzerland

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