Meet the Preferences.
The Backup Engine section - as simple as it looks, it is fronting a couple of months worth of work and it's easily one of the most complex part of the v2. This is what detaches the user interface from the guts of the program and lets latter run as a separate process.

The Maintenance section - I figured that with the backup being an important piece of software, very few users would be interested in fully automatic updates. Furthermore, quite a few people like to retain even tighter control over the software and, for example, do not like it when the software talks to the Internet whenever it wants. Hence the new option -

Don't check, but remind to check for updates

It's basically a kitchen timer that goes "Ding!" every week or two (configurable) and prompts you to let the app check for a new version. We'll see how it goes, but I think it's a sensible compromise between the privacy and functionality.

The More button transforms the window into a comprehensive list of all available options, close to two dozens now and still counting. The idea however is to keep the defaults reasonable so that there won't be much need to venture into this part of the app.

Lastly, note how the Apply/Close buttons change when the settings are modified. I have no idea why this is not a standard behavior, because it really should be.
Made by IO Bureau in Switzerland

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