An option for running Bvckup 2 at a low system priority has been around for a long time.

This option is primarily meant for machines that are already running close to their capacity, often due to using newer Windows versions on older hardware.

Enabling it caused the program to set its process priority to so-called Below Normal level and that throttled down both its CPU and disk run-time allowances.

At least, that's the theory.

With an introduction of the ultra copier, this option has become less effective, because the program is now capable of pushing disks to their limits even on a low system priority.

For this reason the next maintenance release (79.6) will extend this option to explicitly throttle down program's disk activity.

Internally, this is done very simply.

When enabled, this option will cause the backup engine to use a much smaller count of memory buffers to move data from A to B.

* It is also perfectly possible to throttle disk load dynamically by looking at the actual disk performance and by yielding IO capacity to other programs when required. This is planned and it will be coming with later releases.
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