Next release is adding support for dynamically changing source and backup paths using run-time variables.

In particular, it's now possible to direct backups into a folder that is named after current date, hour, day of the week, etc.

It's been possible to do this using a bit of pre-backup scripting and it will, of course, remain the path of a true Jedi. For the rest of us though there's now a (much) easier way.

If you want to have a day worth of hourly backups, you'd just point them at ...\%HOUR%, and just as if by magic backups will go into ...\00, ...\01, etc. depending on the current hour.

For a year worth of weekly snapshots just use %WEEK%.

%DAY_OF_YEAR% will give you a year of dailies.

%DAY_OF_WEEK% - a week of dailies, and so forth and so on.

One caveat is that when the backup destination switches to a new folder, it will invalidate destination snapshot and require a full destination rescan.

Similarly, it will also invalidate delta copying state, so actively modified files will end up being recopied in full on their next update.

Finally, since no good feature is truly complete without a way to shoot oneself in a foot, be advised that the same set of variables can be used in ther source path as well.
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