Done with the backup scheduler. Comes with a couple of neat improvements over v1.

The Go and Stop buttons work almost exactly as in v1. If the backup is running, click Stop once to Pause it, click again to Cancel, click third time to disable the job. If the job is disabled, click once to enable it, click again to manually start it. And so on, you get the idea.

First improvement over v1 are the Go! and Stop! commands that are activated by holding Ctrl down when clicking on the toolbar buttons.

Go! moves the job straight into the running state.
It's the "Run it. NOW!" command.

Stop! stops and disables the job straight away.
It's the "Stop it. NOW!" command.

Second improvement is that multiple jobs can now be run in parallel. Generally, this has a negative impact on the overall performance, but there are certain cases when this is desirable. One example would be running a smaller backup in parallel with a much larger and slower one.

There are three ways to do this:

  • With the Go! command.
  • With a per-backup setting that makes the job always run right away, even if there's another job is running.
  • With an app-level setting that does the same, but for all jobs.

PS. I considered adding something more elaborate, e.g. allowing assigning jobs to "run groups" and then allowing only one active job per group, but that seemed like an overkill, so I dropped that.
Made by IO Bureau in Switzerland

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