Starting with 76.9 when the app is switched to run as a service, the engine will now run under a dedicated user account.

The account is called "Bvckup 2 Service". It is automatically added when the app is switched to the service mode and removed when the app is switched back to the desktop mode or uninstalled.

The account is made a member of Administrators and Backup Operators groups, which gives it the same set of privileges as provided by the LocalSystem account.

Ideally, it should've only needed Backup Operators membership, but in some cases this group lacks network access privileges, so the default is to add it to the Administrators group as well.

It is still possible to install the service under the LocalSystem account - click the More button at the bottom left of the Switch Mode dialog and flip the Run service under option.

This change has been long coming as it's an altogether better and tidier setup. It helps isolating Bvckup 2 from the rest of the services, eliminating effects of any custom LocalSystem policies that might be in place and it also allows for a fine-grained control over its permission set. So if another Windows update comes out and (again) breaks things, it should be much easier to hammer it all back in place.
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