Added support for displaying both effective and all supported SATA signaling rates for physical drives. These are also interchangeably knowns as "transfer speeds" and "link rates".

Detecting supported signaling rates is trivial. After all, it is a part of the drive's ATA IDENTIFY block, word 76.

In comparison, drive's effective signaling rate is a bit trickier to determine. In theory, it is also a part of IDENTIFY block, word 77. In practice, this is only available from drives that support ACS-3, which is a more recent revision of the ATA command set.

So for drives that don't indicate their effective signaling rate Diskovery looks at "phy link rate" as reported by CSMI-compliant drive controllers.

But, wait!

What if both rate readings are available and they are different? Not possible, you say? "Ha-ha" says an outdated Intel RST driver that ships with Windows 8.1. In this case Diskovery will default to the drive's version of the value and also issue a warning of the discrepancy.
Made by IO Bureau in Switzerland

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