Maintenance release 81.3 includes a rework of how the program tracks, handles and reports errors encountered during a backup run.

Starting with this release Bvckup 2 will report not only the error count and the number of retries, but also the number of errors actually corrected through retrying.

Corrected error count is needed, because a single backup step may sometimes fail with more than one error, e.g. - When this happens, earlier Bvckup 2 versions would say that the run completed with 2 errors and 1 retry... which was not terribly helpful, even if it was technically correct.

With the new change, the program now tracks the exact number of errors associated with each failure and report how many of them were in fact corrected through retrying.

Another change in 81.3 has to do with the retrying logic itself.

In the presence of multiple errors the program will now look at all errors in order to decide whether the operation should be retried. This is different from earlier versions that looked at the last error only.

It turns out that yanking a network cable from a NAS sometimes results in "An unexpected network error occurred" first, followed by "The file is in use" second. The "in-use" error is non-retryable, so looking at the last error only ended up suppressing a retry.
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