R78.6 adds support for alternate data streams.

This is a rather obscure, but interesting feature of NTFS that allows storing secondary data blobs under the same file name.

You'd give such blob a name - say, ABC - and then you'd be able to read, write and delete it by referring to it as filename.ext:ABC.

No doubts, some of you may be thinking why though?

The answer is that alt. streams is as a generic and more flexible replacement for an older "extended attributes" mechanism. It is meant for the cases when you may want to pin an extra bit of info to a file (or a folder), the info that is application-specific, but that doesn't belong in a file itself.

The book example is a small tag that browsers add to executable files downloaded from the Internet. This tag is used by Windows Explorer to show its "Ugh-oh, something from the Internets" warning when you are trying to run such files. The tag is stored as an alternate stream called Zone.Identifier. You delete this stream - you won't get the warning.

Long story short, Bvckup 2 now can replicate these secondary data streams. This option is in Backup Settings > More Options > Copy Also section and it is Off by default.
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