Bvckup 2 is getting media and device ejection support.

Media ejection refers to, well, ejecting storage media from an otherwise fixed device such as a tape drive.

Device ejection has to do with "safe removal" of USB drives, the same thing you can do by clicking on a standard Windows "safe remove" icon in the system tray before yanking drive's USB cable out.

However, in a true Windows fashion ejecting a media sometimes also ejects a device and sometimes you can also eject media from an external USB HDD (and, yes, this makes absolutely no sense).

In any case, the next maintenance release (76.5) will get ejection support, but without the UI part. It will be possible to set it up with a good old INI file edit only.

Then, next full release (R77) will get the UI support and above sketches are for that bit. The tricky part is that ejection settings are ultimately per-location preference, so they are needed for both source and destination drives and this takes 2x of screen estate to accommodate.

Secondly, ejection is available only for local drives and not network shares, so the Option 2 series aren't really good. They all allows enabling ejection for non-local drives, meaning that we have to do extra "sanity checks" and error messaging when validating backup settings. That's just... messy.

In comparison, Option 1 simply doesn't show ejection option for non-local drives, just like it doesn't show device tracking (the pushpin icon) in that case. So it's tidy and logical.
Made by IO Bureau in Switzerland

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