This one - the *nix implementation of Windows Networking. If you have a NAS box the chances are that it's using Samba to support network access from Windows computers.

It is a good software, simpler and much snappier than its native Windows counterpart, but in case of NAS devices it typically runs on Linux. This means that the underlying file system is anything but NTFS. This in turn translates into no support for "created" timestamps and no support for certain attributes, including System and Hidden.

Moreover, the attributes that cannot be set or cleared depend on whether it's a dot file or a regular file. Who would've thought? :-|

From what I understand it *is* possible to set things up so that Samba would record these timestamps and attributes and make things transparent to its Windows clients, but in reality this doesn't seem to be happening.

Long story short - starting with Beta 49 Bvckup will now be explicitly testing destination file system to check whether c-times are supported and which attributes can be set.

Additionally, it will also explicitly test both source and destination file systems to determine the granularity of c-times and m-times. This is again thanks to some NAS devices that are customized to use 1 sec for m-times and 1 usec (micro) for c-times.
Made by IO Bureau in Switzerland

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