As you might've heard (and more than once), the next release will coincide with a change to our licensing model.

Existing Personal and Professional licenses will be phased out in favor of Basic, Pro and Server tiers.

The principal change is that licensing options will now differ in what the program can do as opposed to what it can be used for. Licenses will remain perpetual and require no paid renewal.

The secondary change is that we'll also start making an explicit difference between feature releases and maintenance updates. Feature releases are major versions that introduce new features and significant improvements - R79, R80, etc.

Maintenance updates are minor releases that patch issues and fix bugs. In the current versioning notation these are indicated by sub-versions - 79.1, 79.2, etc.

The change itself is that we will continue providing maintenance updates for free, while the access to new features will be free for one year and an optional paid extension after that. The one year starts from the moment of licensing an installation. All major releases within one year window are included, each of which coming with a lifetime of maintenance updates. The paid-for option will extend the access to feature releases for another year and will be priced as a smaller percentage of the original license cost.

Basically, the bugfixes are on us. The new features, should you need them, are at small cost after the first year. If you don't find any new features useful, you will be able to keep on using your existing release that will remain fully functional and supported.

Finally, all legacy licenses (of Personal and Professional types) will continue receiving all feature releases free of charge, just as they do now.

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