Release 80 will be making a small but important change to the default behavior of the exclusion/inclusion rules.

Starting with R80 all explicit folder exclusions will be final.

In plain English it means that excluding a folder by clicking on it in the middle pane of the Backup What window will now prevent any further rules from being applied to its contents: For example, if there were an include *.dll rule defined further below, it will now no longer pick up basebrd.dll from Basebrd subfolder.

It is, of course, still possible to re-include any items from an excluded folder just like so:

Prior to this change excluding a folder wasn't "final", meaning that it merely set the default action for all sub-items to exclude, and this action could still be overridden by other rules.

New behavior will be enabled for all backup jobs created with R80 and newer releases. All existing jobs will continue to use their original filtering logic and work exactly as they did before.

There is also a way to tell if a job uses the new or the old logic. Here's an older job: And here's one with the new logic:
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